Explore CrunchBase or your network visually with Wikisway

WikiswayAs discussed before, CrunchBase is one of the top tools for garnering insight on your startup competition as well as who is funding them. Wikisway has taken advantage of CruchBase’s API to visually map the relationships that make up their database.

Aside from the data eye candy, Wikisway gives you real insight into what “Connectors” and “Mavens” ala Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point you should be jacked in to. Here is an example of TechStars on Wikisway.


Wikisway has also worked their visual magic for your personal Facebook network and is setting their sites on LinkedIn next.

In summary, Wikisway is a great tool in unearthing fruitful relationships and it looks like it will keep getting better. 


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