Social Media Design Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC] by imFORZA

imforzaAfter you’ve put enough time into your first product development cycle and it is time to start generating buzz and building your tribe, social media is a box that needs to be checked off. One of the biggest pains is getting all your social media art work to fit correctly into various layouts of Facebook, twitter, google + (the biggest pain), etc.

imFORZA has created this great infographic to help you out. You should also check them out for their other services, because if they’re willing to put this much effort into giving back, just think about how much value you get when you’re a client 🙂

I just used their cheat sheet to get 3 of my project’s social media graphics in order (including Venture Hunt LI)  and all the numbers were spot on.



2 thoughts on “Social Media Design Cheat Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC] by imFORZA”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing our sharing infographic (and the nice words). We’re glad to hear that you found it useful. Hopefully your readers do too. We will continue to keep it updated as these social networks change their layouts.

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