Series Seed: How Open Source Does Term Sheets

Series Seed Term Sheet

Typically professional investors submit the Term Sheet and associated documents to the entrepreneur. These documents are already preconfigured to the investor’s or investment institution’s preferred terms and the negotiation begins.

That’s the sexy version of getting your first cash infusion, however many times your first investment is from friends and family. In these cases, both parties are equally green on the key documents needed to make a straightforward and legitimate investment in your company.

Series Seed was created and curated by Ted Wang, a partner at Fenwick & West in the interest of saving both time and money for startup during their most vulnerable stage for financing. In addition these documents are being continuously honed by the investment and startup communities to keep them current and equal handed.

This is still no substitute for legal review, which should only amount to a few billable hours if you are staying within the confines of the documents. 

Get the lasted documents at


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