Long Island’s Future Change Makers? You Be The Judge November 30th.

Business Plan

The Young Professionals Chamber of Commerce (part of the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce) is having its Ninth Annual Business Leadership Competition on Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at Farmingdale State College.

I’ve been a judge in the past and I will be a judge again this year. It’s always a great personal moral booster to interact with High School students that really have their act together and have the same drive that us more seasoned individuals had (minus all the battle scares).

Your interaction and advise for these young individuals is critical to keeping them on the path of being change makers. I hope you will join me as a judge or as a sponsor to support the over 200 high school students that participate in this exciting day of competition, lunch and awards.

For more information contact:

Linda Mitchell, Executive Director of the Young Professionals Chamber of Commerce via linda@huntingtonchamber.com or 631.423.6100 x16

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