Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club of Nassau County

money bulbThe Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club of Nassau County is a meeting place for inventors with patents pending, others who have sold or licensed inventions and those who have lots of ideas but know where to start. The club also holds an Inventors Showcase where club members can display their inventions to receive feedback and encouragement from fellow inventors.

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Group Organizer

Brian Fried holds four patented inventions and has an additional three that are patent pending under his company, Think Up Designs. Brian’s inventions were brought to market through manufacturing, as he has appeared on QVC and also has done licensing for retail distribution products from kids toys and infant products to kitchen gadgets. Another specialty of his is to create and license brand art properties that target the teen/tween market. His brands have been placed in several retail chains such as Target, and other well known retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

Government Support

The Nassau County Office of Economic Development is a broad-reaching entity established to strengthen existing communities. The Office coordinates critical services and information to businesses, residents and the community

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