GE and StartUp Health three-year Entrepreneurship Program

GE Startup HealthThe application deadline is only 2 days away for the GE and StartUp Health three-year Entrepreneurship Program designed to accelerate growth for consumer health companies. The program is part of GE’s healthymagination initiative, a $6 billion global commitment to provide better health for more people by improving quality, access, and affordability of care. Qualified consumer health companies may apply to the program at

The program will help early-stage consumer health companies navigate the challenges of building successful growth companies and will include access to GE’s executives and technology experts, training on scaling business operations, and a GE leadership mentor for each company. We are seeking startups who will help solve some of the biggest challenges consumers/patients are facing today with their healthcare. If you have an idea or startup that helps address one of the below areas of innovation, we’d like to work with you to scale your business!

  • Big Data & Analytics: How do consumers, employers, providers and other key stakeholders use data and analytics to benefit the consumer/patient?
  • Sensors: How can sensors be taken to the next level to provide passive and active feedback on prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or monitoring of a condition?
  • Personalized / Precision Medicine: How do we migrate from a one-size-fits-all approach to a more customized and personalized approach to healthcare?
  • Chronic Disease Management: How can we drive real behavior change in consumers/patients to reduce some of the top deadliest & costly health problems that exist today?
  • Diagnostic Testing: What will be the next “at-home pregnancy kit” to help provide consumers/patients a more affordable and convenient way to diagnose, treat or monitor their condition?
  • Healthcare Cost Management: How do we utilize best practices from other industries like banking and automotive to enable people to become better, smarter “consumers” of healthcare?
  • Healthcare Delivery & Point-of-Care Solutions: How do we deliver care outside of the traditional four walls of a doctor’s office to make it more accessible and affordable for consumers/patients?
  • Healthy Aging: The growing 50+ population is becoming increasingly tech savvy, so what kinds of technologies will enable this group to smartly age-in-place?
  • Other challenges that we’re looking to solve include, but are certainly not limited to: home-based services and solutions, patient-provider engagement tools, and biometric solutions.

Applications for this unique Program with GE are being accepted through Friday, February 8, 2013. Apply here.

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