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CrunchBaseCrunchBase is the free database of technology companies, people, and investors that anyone can edit. It is managed very similarly to Wikipedia by crowd sourcing knowledge and fact checking on all things related to tech startups and the people who fund them.

Aside form drooling over page after page of the latest startups to receive a round of funding, there is plenty of useful things you can do with CrunchBase to increase your chances of getting on their list.

Gauge Valuation Trends

Because you can search by industry and round level, you can start to get an idea of what similar firms to yours are able to raise at certain stages of development.

Find Investors

Part of raising capital is finding investors that believe in the macro and micro forces that are driving the market demand for your company’s offerings and not just the numbers. This means you are far more likely to raise capital from investors that have invested at least once and preferably multiple time in the same industry as your venture is in. CrunchBase can help you smoke out these believers. 

Source Talent

Need a top engineer from Twitter or a financial whiz from Google. Well, you can find out who just left organizations like these or even one of your competitors (wink wink) and you might just be able to seduce them to join your startup. 

Competitive Research

There are competitors springing up in your market all the time. With CruchBase you can track competitors and find new ones with their built in notification services. It gives new meaning to the quote “Only the paranoid survive.”

Below is example of the power of CrunchBase.

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